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 Terms and Conditions

We are grateful to you for the usage of Essay Writing Lab

Our Essay Writing Service is trying to provide high-quality products to its clients. We take the job as seriously and responsible, as we can.

Before taking an order, please go through Company’s Terms and Conditions.

How to pay?

As you click the “I agree with the policy of our website” button, you automatically confirm that your further payments will be done by a credit card or any other type of payments offered. Be aware, that any attempts of charging with stolen or non-confirmed credit cards will be immediately spotted and taken strong measures of.

Material using

We do not account for every type of works, placed in our website, like dissertations, paper researches, essays and etc., which are used in contravention international copyright restrictions. We do not bear responsibility for contained materials, which were learned in improper way or used incorrectly as well.

Sources for the research

Workers at Essay Writing Lab are using available and credible data for your orders, such as books, articles, science journals and some other online resources that can be relied on. In other way, you can always offer some of your concrete sources and materials that could be considered essential for us to use in paper. However, we give this opportunity only after a few hours since the moment of your submission, so keep that in mind.


When you get to the process of ordering your paper, remember that you need to write down instructions for our workers on time. The reason of you, writing a brief note about the future essay or any other type of work, is making the result perfect, according to all expectations and requests. Try to be very clear, mentioning all the main goals and suggestions.

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There should be final confirmation of your instructions at the end. We do this for the total removal of undesirable misconceptions and complaints.
To receive a full satisfying work, you should:

  • Specify certain instructions and requests in the Order Form.
  • After you come back or the page of your order tracking, please check out your instructions one more time and if there’s something to add, make changes and only after that press button.
  • When pressing the “Last Confirmation” button, it gives the writer a sign to start working on a paper.
  • It happens, when our workers didn’t quite clearly understand the necessary requirements so that they need to clarify certain questions. In those cases, we highly recommend you to keep in touch with a Writer throughout the whole process of paper writing.

The confirmation of your instructions must be done within 3 hours since the moment of your order affirmation. We DO NOT accept requests with no instructions included! It’s very important to mention every small detail in your list of guidelines, as you won’t be able to change them afterwards. Actually, it’s just impossible, unless there is some extra information adjusted, though it requires an extra charge for it.


Be sure to get a 100% original paper work, which meets all the necessary standards and remains to be high-quality.

Staying anonymous may be a very important aspect for some clients, that’s take that desire seriously. Therefore, we have the following guarantees:

  • Work done by our Writing Lab is credible, free of plagiarism and meets the level of average college student’s abilities.
  • We don’t use our products multiple times: it goes only to your own personal usage.
  • The work will be always completed by the time you have requested it.
  • The personal information filled up by you, which includes your cell phone, mail and e-mail addresses and the number of credit card won’t be revealed under any circumstances.


After the accomplishment of your order you have a chance to look through it in order to confirm that all of your requirements have been followed. You only have 2 weeks, though, right from the moment of receiving a first duplicate.

We clearly understand that different papers might differ in size, in this way some assignments, containing a numerous amount of pages, can be amended throughout a longer period of time: up to 30 days. Our faculty takes care of making these decisions, according to the paper measurement results.

All corrections will be concentrated around the first directives. If at the moment of changing your requests, you offer new, additional or totally different instructions, it will be considered as a request for a totally new order, which certainly requires additional payments. Moreover, if you tend to ask for corrections after the 2-weeks period, where you can do it for free, the work would be further taken as a new one, expecting an additional charge as well.

In any case, that the call for correction not submitted in a free period changes qualifications, we implicitly recognize that the customer is satisfied with the quality of work and does not require any further steps to be taken in relation to the paper, if not a surcharge or any other query set.

In any case, that the request for correction is not submitted in a free period of 14 days, we clearly recognize that the customer is satisfied with the quality of work and does not require any further steps to be taken in relation to the paper, if only there’s a new request confirmed.


Essay Writing Lab Company recognizes that some circumstances may arise, so that the customer needs to cancel the order. In such circumstances, the full discount is given only in case of the requested paper hasn’t been completed and never been downloaded or transferred in the finished structure to or by him. You are going to be charged back with your starting fee within 5-7 working days from the date of cancellation request is submitted.

The Company does refunds from case to case, depending on the reason for certain queries. We will immediately send your order refund request to QA Department.

Essay Writing Lab Company might contact you by phone, Skype or simply writing an email. We also offer you our Customer Support Center, which is available to you at any time. The center will respond to any discount appeal or other issue immediately. You have 14 days to place a request for a refund. If we do not receive such a request, we will assume that you are fine with the quality of the order.

If the complication of the paper is being postponed for later than the time you have requested, we have a good system of discounts for your next orders.

Verification Request

Our company needs to make sure your information is credible and for this reason we possess an appropriate method to confirm the set up. It involves claiming that the request is valid and that the credit card has charges by having a phone call to the cardholder itself, and in some cases, asking for some additional entries to be submitted. To ensure easy transportation of your request, this technique should be quickly and promptly executed. It’s very necessary to give accurate and legitimate phone numbers. Orders that have not been tested may be canceled or postponed.

Keep in mind, just in case you do not feel safe providing any of your info with some important reasons, you can pay using PayPal, which is not bounded to any additional system verification withheld by our organization. All requests are paid through PayPal can be confirmed only by a phone call.

If we suspect a credit card to be fraud, we will take immediate measured right away.

Discount Program

In accordance with a discount program, our customers receive a 10% off on your first request. In addition, the extra cash (10% of your expense) of the first order is going to be placed on your credit equalization for your next order. Later, 5% of each of the next requests (except credits) is added to your credit offset.

Our Customer Service is available 24/7 to help whenever you need it.

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