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Privacy Policy

Assuring in your personal privacy and safety should be essential, that’s why have a brief look at the privacy policy of our Essay Writing Lab for the later use.

What information do we possess?

  • Personal info: name, phone number, email and mailing addresses etc.
  • Information about client’s history and his marketing preferences
  • We identify your IP address and a type of browser being used.
  • User name and password of every potential client.

Now you might go through a list of non-disclosure information. We provide 100% guarantee that:

  • NOBODY will have a chance to access your private information.

We aren’t allowed to share your identifiable data with anyone, even with a writer himself, so there won’t be any possibilities in revealing unnecessary information to public.

  • All the given information is provided for your benefits and comfort only, especially for the purpose of contacting.
  • That’s why Administrators and Custom Service only possess records about your phone number, email address and some other contact info.
  • You may underestimate the value of true personal information, which is being filled up by every user, willing to sign up, however it’s regarded to be very essential data on our website, which is half success of our service, set by clients’ requirements.
  • Revealing identifiable and non-identifiable data to publicity, especially to the ones, who have a constant access to credit card requests or convey stocks, remains not in our interests, as we don’t want to lose clients.

Using cookies

Using cookies is a great way to reveal some of your personal preferences and saving profile information. Also gathering some basic data and collecting statistics is cookies’ is second goal.  will let our extraneous Company put necessary cookies to your computer in order to gather non-identifiable for statistics about clients, using our services.

Extraneous Cookies

Be aware, though, that we are not responsible of the cookies, used by our partners, service providers and other ones, which use session ID cookies in order to ease your navigation around the web-page.

Deleting account

Before opening an account on our Essay Writing Service, let’s qualify several things, so that they won’t be surprising later. Once you sign up, the website allows you to make amendments in your personal content, if it must be changed. If you wish to delete your account, we need to warn that some amount of the personal data might be recovered in case of troubleshooting and other unforeseen circumstances. In addition, not all the shared information is fully deleted afterwards, since there are certain rules and laws to follow.

Data storage and safety

Our Writing Essay Service is going to keep every kind of information, until the time you contact Custom Support in case you would want to have your personal data deleted, when you no longer need our services. In addition, we work on making your personal content private and secure, but we can’t guarantee 100% secureness. If there’s any danger, related to your private information being divulged, we are going to contact you at once. Before making any orders on our web site, you should read privacy policy in order not to fill out something excess and unwanted.

Social Networking

You will have a chance to connect your social pages on Twitter or Facebook. If you do so, we will connect your social network page to our web-page, allowing us to have an access to all the information, provided in there.


We are not providing services for kids under 13 years old, because we won’t accept any personal data, filled by them. If it is revealed, the data will be deleted at once.


In case we would have to change some of the information, you would be always informed of this by e-mailing.